Well, it’s simple, really: every question has an answer, and somewhere in Space·Time, there is someone who has that answer. Do you want that answer? Do you want it? Well, Time Will Tell, Inc. can get it. Sign up with us, and we’ll send a team of highly trained Space·Time operatives after that very special person who knows.

We’ll digitize their psyche while they’re asleep, and they’ll never know. We’ll upload thousands, millions of copies of that psyche to our patented InterrogationSpheres ™, where they’ll wake up in Heaven, or Hell, or in dreamland logic or in their power fantasies, or pretty much everywhere else.

At some point, one of the copies will break. They always do. And when they do, you will know about it. It’s that simple.

Just sign here. Time Will Tell, Inc. is a Time After Time After Time Corporation Company.

(extract of Ronin Time Bureaucrats, Here, There and Right Behind You: The Bureaucracy)