After the debacle of the Space·Time Fleet and the loss of many of its Continuum Indirections to imploded Pocket Continuums, the idea of a large Space·Time force was very nearly shelved, and its remaining ships docked. Some of the surviving cadres of the Space·Time Fleet, however, took advantage of this lack of purpose, and came up with an idea to salvage some of the huge costs sunk into the fleet itself. Most of the onboard weaponry was dismantled, many soldiers were retrained or replaced by scientists, and the Time Federation was born, with a new purpose: boldly go when noone has gone before, discover old and future civilizations and endlessly debate whether the Prime Space·Time Directive – initially designed to avoid Observable Contradictions – applies in that Octant of the Continuum.

Since its inception, the Time Federation has carried throughout Space·Time an ideal of peace, coexistence and non-intervention. If, as many do, you dream of joining the Time Federation, get ready to be one in a Crew of several hundreds, dress in a pajama, beam down to the surface or back up to your orbiting Continuum Indirection, experience unique-but-recurring technical glitches that send you to conveniently mirrored universes, and impress the entire universe with your Galactic English.

Also, whatever you do, if you leave the ship, don’t dress in red.

(extract of Ronin Time Bureaucrats, Here, There and Right Behind You: The Bureaucracy)