The web is getting darker. It is being weaponized by trolls, bullies and bad actors and, as we’ve witnessed, this can have extremely grave consequences for individuals, groups, sometimes entire countries. So far, most of the counter-measures proposed by either governments or private actors are even scarier.

The creators of the Matrix protocol have recently published the most promising plan I have seen. One that I believe stands a chance of making real headway in this fight, while respecting openness, decentralization, open-source and privacy.

I have been offered the opportunity to work on this plan. For this reason, after 9 years as an employee at Mozilla, I’ll be moving to Element, where I’ll try and contribute to making the web a better place. My last day at Mozilla will be October 30th.

9 years already!

I’d like to brag reminisce about all the great people I’ve met at and around Mozilla, all the great stuff I’ve learnt from them and all the great projects I’ve worked on, but I don’t want to make this a 20 pages long read, so, I’ll leave it as a great “thank you” to Mozillians, past, present and future!

You all make the web a better place.

To paraphrase David Walsh: “I’m not sad, I’m proud of all of us. You did it! We did it! We all f*cking did it! Now let’s do it again!”

Wait, I’m not dead!

I’ve been a card-carrying member of the Mozilla community since 2003, I’m not going to vanish overnight!

I’m going to reduce my activities a lot but I’m planning to stick around quite a bit longer. You’ll still be able to find me on, lurking around #introduction, #mozfr and certainly a few other places.

I will also keep my bugzilla account open, although I’ll certainly monitor it less frequently.

And once we’re finally past covid, I hope to see some of you around FOSDEM, MozFests, Rust Meetups, etc.

Orphan code

That being said, I believe that I am leaving behind the following projects without any natural owner:

I think that’s all. I hope that’s all. I believe that all the other projects I’ve worked on have still at least one stakeholder working at Mozilla in a capacity in which they can either take over or designate a helpless victim to take over for me.

So… it might be great if a few willing devs were to step forward and take the blame charge of these components! I’ll do my best to answer any question they might have.


See you soon and keep rocking the free web!

My coordinates:

`${myNickname}@${myNickname}.xyz` // e-mail
`@${myNickname}`       // Matrix