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Moderated Federated Networks might actually be what we need - part 1

Among the many interesting moments of this ending year 2022, we have had the chance of seeing the Twitter/Musk experiment unfold. I won’t spend time rehashing the many twists of this experiment, just a moment to offer the best wishes to all who work or worked at Twitter, in particular those being offered as scapegoats for the many sins of the C-suit, both past and present. What I’m going to spend time on is moderation. If we listen to the official discourse, this entire Twitter/Musk experiment is about moderation. Also, as a direct consequence of aid experiment, the number of users on Federated Networks such as Matrix and Mastodon has never been so high. And Twitter, both past and present, has been a permanent demonstration that moderation is hard. So… what does it change to moderate a Federated Network? Spoiler alert: it’s harder, but not impossible.