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The web is getting darker. It is being weaponized by trolls, bullies and bad actors and, as we’ve witnessed, this can have extremely grave consequences for individuals, groups, sometimes entire countries. So far, most of the counter-measures proposed by either governments or private actors are even scarier. The creators of the Matrix protocol have recently published the most promising plan I have seen. One that I believe stands a chance of making real headway in this fight, while respecting openness, decentralization, open-source and privacy. I have been offered the opportunity to work on this plan. For this reason, after 9 years as an employee at Mozilla, I’ll be moving to Element, where I’ll try and contribute to making the web a better place. My last day at Mozilla will be October 30th.

Switching to Gitalk

Until now, this blog has been using Disqus as a comment mechanism. While it is very useful, I’m trying to switch to a less invasive (and I believe more privacy-safe): gitalk. I’ve left Disqus on in the pages on which users had already left comments. For other pages, Disqus is now deactivated.